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Ahimsa Kerp

Author / Level 3 Ranger

Ahimsa is a linguistic mercenary and peripatetic spec-fic writer who is fond of rambling hikes, RPG/ board games, and tofu tacos. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, he has lived on four continents, and has been located in Asia since 2009. He has contributed to many anthologies including Cthulhurotica and Dead Harvest and he is the author of the novels Empire of the Undead, Cthulhu Kaiju and Beneath the Mantle.

Wind Lothamer

Illustrator / Layout / Level 4 Dwarven Thief

Wind Lothamer claims that he has been playing RPGs off and on for almost thirty years, but the evidence is spotty at best. He prefers drawing pictures to writing, will do either if forced, and is quite capable of completing neither in time. His passions include caffeine (though he equally dislikes both cold coffee and warm soda), watching Thranduil/Bard videos on YouTube, and the color black.