Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

A little preview of what’s coming up here at Knight Owl Publishing. Join our mailing list or follow our social media accounts for new release announcements! (Links at the bottom of the page.)

Aquatic Adventures

Do you like getting wet? Our current project is a sourcebook for all things underwater–look for underwater rules, new classes, new beasts, new spells, an entirely new kind of magic, and a full adventure utilizing all those things. Kickstarter coming March 2022.

Those Who Walk in Smoke

A 3rd party sourcebook for Vaesen set in 19th century Samarkand. There will be a gazetteer for the setting, new Vaesen (the inscrutable Jinn and the fearsome Shurale), 2 new archetypes, and a full-fledged locked room mystery. Featuring art from Katrin Moondaughter. Coming soon.

Mix Tape Adventures

Enough of a tasty mashup of adventures and sourcebooks to whet any gamer’s appetite. Coming Fall 2022.

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