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The Scourge of the Scorn Lords

The Scourge of the Scorn Lords

The Scourge of the Scorn Lords from Knight Owl Publishing is unapologetically dangerous! We like to think of it as a mashup of Mad Max, Fist of the North Star, and the Beastmaster, with a healthy dose of The Land That Time Forgot for good measure. And if you played Dark Sun back in the day, or wish that you had, you will find a little of that sprinkled in as well. 

Introducing the third and final installment of the Meatlandia Trilogy and the immediate follow-up to our Ennie-nominated book Worm Witch: the Life and Death of Belinda Blood!!

How Old School Is It?

No lie: we play just about everything, from Chainmail to 5e, but our favorite flavor is the B/X style OSR. So you’re going to find that just about everything we have in here fits that mold. That means all three of our books are completely compatible with Old-School Essentials–the gold standard in Old School RPG Awesomeness!

Included within over 100 pages of mind-bending, wasteland-surviving, post-apocalyptic old school awesomeness­:

  • The Scorn Lands: A mad wasteland full of harsh monsters, bands of cannibalistic marauders, and the savage Scorn Lords.
  • The Scorn Lords: An ancient race of sorcerer-demigods that rule the Scorn Lands with iron fists!
  • Psionics: A full OSE-compatible ruleset for running psionics, with 23 Psionic Powers, rules for generating wild talents, and a new psionic character class!
  • New Classes: The mind-bending Mentalist, the beast-besting Monster Honcho, the ghostly Fade, and the insectoid Myrmeke bring a taste of your favorite versions of the apocalypse to the Scorn Lands.
  • Vehicles and Animals: Rules for creating desert-driving contraptions, outfitting them for war, and pulling them with horses, camels, elephants, giant insects, and dinosaurs! 
  • A Ton Of Monsters: Seriously–we went crazy with the bestiary!!! We have everything from Barren Elves to Sonic Geckos and from Chitin Golems to Vultards.
  • Tables Galore: Encounter Tables, Rumor Tables, Village Tables, Background Tables, and more–everything you need to run a massive sandbox in our mighty wasteland. You can run this game with almost no prep time whatsoever.

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