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OSE Bariaur

OSE Bariaur

We’re playing the classic Planescape adventure Dead Gods and it inspired me to write up a Bariaur class for Old School Essentials. Here it is:


Requirements: Minimum CON 9, Minimum INT 9

Prime requisite: STR

Hit Dice: 1d6

Maximum level: 12

Armor: Any

Weapons: Any

Languages: Alignment, Common, Planar

In appearance, it’s a combination of man and ram or woman and ewe. Roughly human sized, it has the body of a large goat and the torso and arms of a human. The head is a mixture of human and animal.


Bariaur are capable of using any weapon. A bariaur can only wear half a suit of normal armor (at -2 AC) and must pay double the normal price for armor that covers their whole body.


A bariaur can butt with their horns for Id6 points of damage (plus Strength bonus), tripling this result by charging at least 30 feet in a straight line. However, if the hit is successful, the bariaur must make a save vs. breath weapon or suffer the same damage as the target. The creature charged is knocked to the ground on a 3-in-6, if size M or smaller.


Bariaur have infravision up to 60’.


Bariaur move at 180’ (60’)

Keen Senses

The bariaur’s sharp senses of smell and hearing grant them a +2 bonus on surprise rolls (provided the opponent has a scent or makes noise).

Magic Resistant

Bariaur have incredible saves vs. spells.

After Reaching 9th Level

A bariaur may claim up to 20 square miles of terrain as their grazing lands, attracting 2d6 level 1-2 bariaur followers. 

Bariaur Level Progression Table

101d6Lamb19 [0]1013141511
22,0002d6Kid19 [0]1013141511
34,0003d6Hogget19 [0]109141511
48,0004d6Shearling17 [+2]81312139
516,0005d6Gimmer17 [+2]81312139
632,0006d6Theave17 [+2]81312139
764,0007d6Teg14 [+5]61110107
8120,0008d6Goat14 [+5]61110107
9240,0009d6Capra14 [+5]61110107
10360,0009d6+3*Musimon12 [+7]49885
11480,0009d6+6*Dahu12 [+7]49885
12600,0009d6+9*Capricorn12 [+7]49885
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