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Author: Wind Lothamer

OSE Bariaur

We're playing the classic Planescape adventure Dead Gods and it inspired me to write up a Bariaur class for Old School Essentials. Here it is: Bariaur Requirements: Minimum CON 9, Minimum INT 9 Prime requisite: STR Hit Dice: 1d6 Maximum level: 12 Armor: Any Weapons: Any Languages: Alignment, Common, Planar In appearance, it's a...

Free Indie RPG Month

As an Indie RPG company, we cannot afford to send out the massive amounts of physical products that would be required to participate in Free RPG Day. However, we still love the idea of giving away free digital products to our fans--so we came up...

[Review] Black Blade of the Demon King (Lotfp 3PP); Fear & Loathing in the Young Kingdoms

OSR Cantrips

I added an option to my game wherein Spellcasters may choose to take a Cantrip instead of a Feat on even levels. At first the Spellcasters (particularly the Clerics in the party) were resistant to Cantrips because they preferred the more immediate combat-oriented advantages of...

OSR Feats

I've been playing for almost a year with these OSR Feats. They add a little flavor to the game and give the players a lot more control as they level up. I grant one feat at every even level. We play with the 5e-style Advantage/Disadvantage rules,...