Jungian Archetype Drop Table

Jungian Archetype Drop Table

When making a good NPC, I find that it is important to give them a character type from the very beginning that can determine their motivations and fears and which can inform how they will interact with players at the table. Recently, I have been using Carl Jung’s 12 Character Archetypes because they are both basic and diverse enough to help create dynamic characters.

The drop table that I devised is simple: drop a d4 on the chart. Whichever quadrant your die lands in defines the NPC’s core desire, the slice of the quadrant that it is (most) inside of describes the NPC’s Archetype, and the number on the die gives a more specific character type based on that archetype.

I use it for NPCs, but the drop table could also easily work for PC generation.

A full-size pdf is available below:

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