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Old School & Cool – Vol 3


Old School & Cool is a bad-ass zine made from angry spirits and bad dreams by the folks at Knight Owl Publishing. Why? Because we thought that Zine Quest was awesome and we have a lot of cool stuff to share with you!

You can find our original Kickstarter campaign here.

Have you tired of the standard B/X level progression—especially from the original boxed sets when it extended beyond level 14 and character XP ran into the millions? Has the very concept of XP become meaningless in your game? Traditional high level characters gain followers and build strongholds. A new game emerges; the player characters go from adventurer to nobility. This part is a joy for some; but what about those characters who want to keep on adventuring? We propose a different way of handling high-level play: we offer you Level X.


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What will I get?

Old School  & Cool Volume 3 takes your OSE characters to the next level—literally! This zine offers high-level options for all of the standard OSE classes, complete with god-level powers, new spells, and magic items that make your vorpal sword look like a toothpick!

40 pages of skull-crushing old school awesomeness,

  •  New High-Level Class Paths! So you’ve maxed out your level progression? Guess what—you’re just getting started! We’re presenting two high-level paths for each class.
  •  Monsters! Your new demigod needs someone to fight—and we’ve got you covered!
  •  Spells! You’re not truly high level unless you’re casting these spells!
  •  Magic items! Wand of Orcus? A child’s plaything. These are magic items!
  •  A Mini-Adventure! ‘Cuz why not?
  •  Gods who used to be adventurers! 

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