Space Bikes and Sky Castles


Four stories about the perils of language, time, and humanity itself.

Broken Places of the Earth 

The world ended too conclusively, too terribly for anyone to remember why or how it happened. The earth became a wasteland strewn with perils beyond the ken of the few surviving humans. Language is a broken toy, roughly patched together, and civilization only scarcely manages to endure.

Grub is one survivor, heir to a great treasure of his community located in the ruins of a vast pre-doomsday building. But when the elders of his culture grow jealous of his position, and a more powerful tribe appears nearby, he must mindfully navigate the new perils of the broken world.

For Most of History

Asterix Pilcrow is a privileged young woman, so rich she can afford to have two names. When she and her friend take astrocycles to a resort planet, neither are prepared for what awaits them there.

Miskatonic Poly

When it begun to rain a foreign language, two undergrads learn there is more than meets the eye when it comes to their new professor.

Sky Castles of Yesterday

Long ago, the Sky Castle was built and then, perhaps, abandoned. No one knows; for those who venture into it do not return, though it is believed that monsters and other terrors lurk in the rooms and hallways.

Tierra has been planning her entrance to the Sky Castle for the last seven years. She is ready to leave yesterday.

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