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Old School & Cool – Vol 1


Old School & Cool is a bad-ass zine made from angry spirits and bad dreams by the folks at Knight Owl Publishing. Why? Because we thought that Zine Quest was awesome and we have a lot of cool stuff to share with you!

You can find out original Kickstarter campaign here.

Think of this zine as a set of herbs and spices. You can sprinkle in a bunch and make your game super tasty or just add a dash for a bit of that highlight flavor. It’s your game and you can decide how you want it to taste.

Included inside:

  • 10 bizarre new classes
  • 34 OSR feats
  • 9 new spells
  • 4 Inn menus
  • 10 new types of inns
  • 10 adventurer’s packs
  • 800,00 NPCs
  • 1 space lich
  • 4 magic items
  • 2 dwarven poems

The reviews are in: people love Old School and Cool!

In terms of tone, it goes all out! Crazy ideas balanced with good mechanical design. The over-the-top classes all make sense mechanically…My thoughts can be broadly categorized into:’I’d love to throw this at my friends in our game.’ or ‘I’d love to show this to my friend so he can make use of it when he DMs (and I can play an Augur).’ – Third Eye Openers

[I]t has consistent art, varied content, and is a pool of ideas to pick and choose for your games at an affordable price…With a stroke of luck we will get future issues of Old School & Cool.” – The Man with a Hammer

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What will I get?

40 pages of skull-crushing old school awesomeness, including:

  •  New Character Classes –
    • Beerbarian: Drunken bar-room brawlers.
    • Augur: Scholars who can gain great insights from reading the flights of birds.
    • Heliothra: Beings of pure light.
    • Language Expert: Great communicators and skilled philologists.
    • Lizardling: Reptilian warriors from beyond the stars.
    • Lycan’s Bane: Werewolf hunters with a dire curse of their own.
    • Scop: A poet-warrior.
    • Space Dwarf: Laser gun wielding dwarves…from space!
    • And many more brand new classes you’ve neither seen nor even thought of before!
  • Spells for Magic Users, Clerics, and other, weirder, things –
    • An OSR version of the classic Find Familiar spell
    • Cleric spells to Challenge Divinity
    • Spells specifically for the dead
  • A bunch of cool new items for your game, including –
    • A magic whip
    • A vial full of wraiths
    • A crystal shard that’s as old as the universe itself
    • Adventurer packs
  • Adventure in space upon Hadrian’s Rock–a brutal outpost ruled by a merciless Space Lich!
  • Tons of Random Stuff, including –
    • Inn Alternatives
    • Menus
    • OSR Feats
    • Random Tables
    • Drawings and Maps!

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