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Black Blade of the Demon King


Black Blade of the Demon King is an adventure like no other for Lamentations of the Flame Princess or whatever flavor of OSR game you prefer. It's a metal-and-Moorcock inspired sword and sorcery saga replete with fell blades, sad vikings, obsidian gnomes, and the end of the world!

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Buried for 10000 years beneath a mountain of black obsidian, a sword of unfathomable power has just awakened. Now, in a desperate race against time and the elements you must try to reach it before its former master returns from his astral prison.

  • Unique cinematic three act structure.
  • A modular adventure with randomly determined NPCs that populate the world.
  • Race against time and other Seekers of the Blade.
  • Face ever-smiling cultists, beastmen, and maybe even a Yeti Voltron.
  • Setting of “fantasy Greenland” can be slotted into most campaigns.
  • Original monsters—no orcs, goblins or dragons here.
  • Two dozen unique, illustrated NPCs for use in any adventure.
  • A score of new creatures with hitherto unseen powers.

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