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Aquatic Adventures Collector’s Set



  • Aquatic Adventures: The essential underwater sourcebook! Spells, classes, monsters, magic items, equipment, tons of rules, and a full-sized adventure!
  • Deluge: A5 zine written and illustrated by a swathe of luminaries of the field. Each of them are contributing at least a page or art or monsters or settings or whatever they want. This thing is jam-packed with tables, adventures, artwork and more!
  • Custom Aquatic Adventures Character Sheet (pdf)
  • Referee Screen: 3 panel layout at A5 size to fit perfectly with your other Aquatic Adventures books (each panel = 5.875″) so 17.625″ total width by 8.25″ height! Double sided color printing on matte coated heavy-weight 300 gsm paper!

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The indispensable set of rules for underwater adventures.

This book began as a simple adventure (Dug Too Deep, included in this book) but as the adventure took shape we quickly realized we were also writing an aquatic ruleset for OSE. At first these rules became a preface (akin to the early B/X modules), but as they grew and expanded so too did our interest in the world beneath the waves. We wanted to discover more; so we spent a year expanding it. Within these pages you will find rules we have cultivated from older versions of the classic game, from our favorite books, films and artwork, and from the dark recesses of irrational madness you have come to expect from Knight Owl Publishing.

Underwater settings have been a large part of old-school gaming since the very beginning—underwater kingdoms, hidden coastal coves, monsters shambling out of the deeps. Creatures wondrous and strange and oft deadly, new magics and primal beings and ancient wisdom. These are the reasons adventurers descend into the salty depths of the sea. The darkest forest, the deepest cave, the largest dragon—none can match the sea for sheer scope of the unknown. Aquatic Adventures provides you with the tools to create your perfect underwater world.

This book is 100% compatible with the classic version of Old-School Essentials from Necrotic Gnome, and as such should be used with either the complete rules tome or the classic fantasy rules set. This book is also compatible with the classic B/X rules-set and other OSR retro-clones.

What’s included?

  •  59 new magic items (including 16 legendary items)!
  • 11 new spells!
  • 8 new aquatic classes!
  • 64 new underwater monsters!
  • New rules for adventuring beneath the water!
  •  Lingomancy: an entire new kind of magic!
  • New Armor!
  • New Weapons!
  • Gods of the Deep!
  •  Lots of exclamation points!
  •  Dug Too Deep: An adventure set in a haunted land beneaththe waves!

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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × .5 in
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Hardback, PDF, Bundle (PDF + Print), Scoundrels Bundle (PDF + Print)


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