The Scourge of the Scorn Lords

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Super high-quality print! Beautiful black and white on heavy-duty 80# matte paper, sewn binding, with a gorgeous full-color case-wrap cover.

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“Scorn lords is fire.  It’s a mad max hell scape”  HypatiasAngst

“HOLY BEJESUS is this thing COOL! Think Mad Max but with Ray Harryhausen dinosaurs, probably some magic and a late 80’s metal soundtrack!” Jonathan B.

a new classic”  D. M. Wilson

“a strange and vibrant fantasy setting” Rolling Boxcars

This book is 100% insane! We give you post-apocalyptic fantasy wastelands, psionics, AND madness-inducing monstrosities!

The Scourge of the Scorn Lords is unapologetically dangerous! Think of it as a mashup of Mad MaxFist of the North StarDark Sun, and the Beastmaster, with a healthy dose of The Land That Time Forgot for good measure.

Use The Scourge of the Scorn Lords as a stand-alone book or as part of the Meatlandia Trilogy! 

This is the third and final installment of the Meatlandia Trilogy and the immediate follow-up to our Ennie-nominated book, Worm Witch: the Life and Death of Belinda Blood.

For the discerning adventurer and those of you who enjoyed (and survived) the other books, you’re going to love this one—but if you’re new to Knight Owl Publishing’s work, don’t worry: you don’t need the previous books in the series to tackle the ultimate adventure of the Scorn Lands!

In other words, The Scourge of the Scorn Lords is a setting and adventure book that can stand alone but also interlocks perfectly with everything in the other installments of the Meatlandia Trilogy. How’s that for AWESOME?

Interior pages

Over 100 pages of mind-bending, wasteland-surviving, post-apocalyptic old school awesomeness printed on super high quality 80# matte white paper! And now, thanks to our spectacular backers, we have hired Vi Huntsman, whose previous works include Best Left Buried and Mork Borg, to meticulously edit the entire book!


A super awesome glossy  6″ x 9″ hard-cover with our best cover art yet!  And now, thanks to our spectacular backers, every physical standard edition copy of Scourge of the Scorn Lords will feature exquisite foil stamped lettering on the title text!


TONS of insanely cool hand drawn art by Wind Lothamer

Tables everywhere!

Literally everywhere—we have so many tables in this book! We have d8 tables, d12 tables, d20 tables, two 6d10 tables, even a d66 table! Why? Because randomness rules! And now, thanks to our benevolent backers, even the end-papers of Scourge of the Scorn Lords will be printed with tables galore!

Fold-up map!

Thanks to our amazing Kickstarter backers, every copy of The Scourge of the Scorn Lords comes with an exquisite 11″x17″ fold-up map of the Scorn Lands, printed on heavy-duty 100# matte white paper!

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5 reviews for The Scourge of the Scorn Lords

  1. I backed the Kickstarter, and I’m truly glad I did so. This book is fantastic! The Scornlands are a dangerous place, full of dangers both natural and, otherwise. The classes are my favorite part of the book, The Mentalist and the Psionics rules in general are fantastic! All the classes belong in the wasteland. The setting details are a fantastic framework to build awesome adventures, there is new equipment and I cannot wait for my group to start exploring the Wastes.

  2. This thing is great, it’s Old School fantasy Roleplaying crossed with Mad Max! Cool monsters, plethora of dinos, gross magic, psionics (personal fav), desert survival, it’s densely packed, illustrated, and dope.

  3. Backed the Kickstarter and was blown away when the book arrived. The art is great and book feels solid. The Scornlands are just up my alley! Love all the cool mounts and the classes. It’s got a mad max feel to it. Would definitely recommend it!

  4. After being blown away by Worm Witch, I Backed the Scorn Lords Kickstarter ASAP, and I’m glad I did. The production value is amazing, but the contents would make it worth it even if the book were printed on an old newspaper imho.
    OSE is a great OSR system, easy to convert as well, the classes and creatures (read as: Dinosaurs) are amazing and a must have for any game that wants to veer into a more gonzo-mayhem-darksunish atmosphere.
    Honestly though what really hit close to home was some good psionics. My first ever RPG book was the AD&D Complete Psionics Handbook so this really hit the mark for me. Wild talents could be a fun addition to ANY character and setting, but I was bummed there weren’t more psionic classes.

    • I wish we could have worked more psionics in there too. But in keeping it at 100 pages, we had keep each element pretty sparse; else we could have easily ballooned to 200 or 300 pages. However, I will say there will be more psionics in our newest book, which isn’t explicitly Meatlandia but is certainly compatible in an OSE kind of way.

  5. I’ve long been a fan of MEATLANDIA, even going so far as to get all three in special editions with the new Kickstarter. So as a big shot fan person let me tell you: Scourge of the Scorn Lords does not disappoint. One part Mad Max, one part old school british dark fantasy, a hundred parts Metal Hurlant, and a generous dash of I GUESS stuff for Old-School Essentials if you really need it. Definitely worth your pilfered pennies and sorely-earned silvers.

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