Worm Witches are a part of the Meatlandia universe meant to be NPCs and story seeds.

Radical women (and a few men) of the mindset that the Lords of Meatlandia are too selfish and destructive. They are tapping into chaos to create experimental new societies. Many are in the anarcho-syndicalist tradition and in fact the refugees that reach them are far happier and healthier than they’ve ever been. The refugees are not ruled by the witches and in fact are encouraged to take direct action in their new communities.  In theory it was perfect equality, and even in practice it was not far from it.

For that reason, and others, the destruction of Worm Witches on sight are one of the few things that the powers of Meatlandia agree upon.

The average Worm Witch is a level 1d6 carnomancer. They despise fighting but will do so (ferociously) to defend their lands and the people they protect. Their small and scattered lands are disproportionately warped with Chaos Storms and Chaos Worm Breachings.

In addition, 1 x per day they have the ability to summon Slime Worms (48%), Earth Worms (48%), or a White Worm (4%).

Their Broomstick Worms have the power of flight but are blind and fly with sonar. They will not and cannot fight.

Worm Witches fear their own power above all else. As they grow in puissance they become increasingly reluctant to use their magic for good or ill.

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