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New Class: The Beerserker

New Class: The Beerserker

Not specific to Meatlandia, this is just a fun class for a one-shot or urban crawl. It’s based on the ASSoH Berserker, but not nearly as strong.


The Beerserker is a cowardly brawler known for his unquenchable thirst for mead, ale, and all things fermented. Unlike barbarians, Beerserkers are urban creatures, who prefer to live in urban centers with multiple drinking outlets as they are often kicked out of pubs and taverns.

Attribute Requirements:

Constitution: 17

HD: D10


Armor Allowed: Any

Shield Allowed: Any

Favored Weapons: Any

+1 attack, +1 damage with broken beer bottle

Saving Throws

+3 to Poison. Their livers are sheer wonders.


Beerserker Class Abilities:

Attack Rate: 1/1 melee attack rate from levels 1-8. 2/1 melee attack rate from levels 9+

Drunken Fury: When drunk, melee attack is 2/1 for levels 1-8, 3/1 from levels 9+.                 Beerserkers are natural bullies. They excel at killing weaker enemies.                                   While in a Drunken Fury, they get a +1 to attack and +1 damage for each                                level difference between the monster’s HD and their level. (ie: A level 3                            Beerserker gets +2 hit and +2 damage vs a 1 HD monster.)

Mighty Quaff: The Beerserker can swallow a liter of liquid in 3 seconds. Chugalug!

Spins:  The Beerserker has a head that’s never still. They have a 20 percent chance to fall upon declaring any athletic endeavor, including jumping, ducking, or running. They also have a 10 percent chance to perform said maneuver fan-fucking-tastically.

Summon Drunken Mob: At level 9, a Beerserker can enter into a small city and after a night of carousing and pubcrawling emerge with a drunken mob of 50 louts. The drunken mob dissipates at a rate of d10 per hour starting at dawn as they pass out or sober up.

The Beerserker can enter a Drunken Fury at will, but it takes 1 liter of alcohol per level, ten games minutes after drinking, and a Failed Save vs. Poison.





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  • Justin Stewart November 5, 2016 2:00 am

    Yo, is there a way to export this as a PDF? I know some blogs have a button that lets you do that.

      • Justin Stewart November 5, 2016 2:56 am

        Fantastic! Thank you. (And yeah, I’d like to figure out how to get that nifty button, too. I should ask around or Google it or something.)

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