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OSR Class : Lycan’s Bane

OSR Class : Lycan’s Bane

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Lycan’s Bane: a LotFP class for G+

HD: 2d4

Saves as Specialist
A Lycan’s Bane begins fully confident, powerful, and well-prepared. They’ve trained since childhood and are invariably eager to put their skills to the test.

However, the more experience a Lycan’s Bane gets, the more aware they become of the utter insanity of their calling.  Hunting supernatural creatures takes a certain kind of stupidity, after all.

At level one, choose 5 abilities from the below list. Each time you level up, lose on ability. That’s right, the more a Lycan’s Bane fights and kills, the less powerful they become.

This slide towards powerlessness stops at level 6, should you be so lucky as to reach it, when the Lycan’s Bane gains back the lost powers plus a new one. They continue to gain 1 power a level as a true hunter, with a blend of skills and experience.

Bad Ass: Your rep and aura scare little wolfies away. Receive +1 to initiative when fighting werewolves and they must make a moral check every time they’re wounded by the Lycan’s Bane or flee in blind terror.

Choke Me Tighter: Can attack a werewolf barehanded and with an attack roll of 17+ you actually start choking that fucking wolfie. Roll 1d4 Choking Damage–this actually does  hurt the werewolf. Each round can continue the choke with a successful attack.

Hardy: Receive +1 Hp and +1 to a Save of your choice per level.

Keen-Eyed: Can detect lycanthropes in any form with 80% accuracy.

Kitted up: Carries a silver dagger, d10 silver bullets, leather armor, a flask of oil, and a very cool hat. These are passively replenished between adventures/on town visits.

Preternatural Reflexes: When fighting a lupine adversary, gain +2 AC.

What have I got in my pocket?: In times of great need (as agreed upon by the Player and Referee), the Lycan’s Bane actually has a silver toothpick or sprig of wolfsbane, a wooden stake, burning torch, or mistletoe kind of thing.

Harried: After taking 10 points of HP damage (cumulative) in one day, may roll with advantage on all rolls for the rest of that day.

Master of the Forest: Start with Bushcraft skill at 4:6.

Scentless: You’ve perfected the art of olfactory camouflage and cannot be tracked by scent by any beasts or monsters.

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