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OSR Class: Heliothra

OSR Class: Heliothra

Grab the pdf here.

Another in the series of classes for the OSR thread on G+. (As you may remember, last time  we all created some kind of Werewolf Hunter.) The challenge this week was fairly vague: Infiltrator.

I thought I’d mix it up and go with a creature of light. The name comes from a rough Greek translation of “Sun Stealth.” This is a race-as-class I’d like to have developed further but in keeping with my self-imposed limit of 1 page per Class I had to keep it relatively simple.


Class Overview

HD, Saves as Cleric.  Level Progression as Elf
No Weapon or Armor Restrictions.

Heliothras are creatures of pure light that spontaneously coalesce into mortal beings. Once in these bodies, they are subject to standard weakness of humans: hunger, poison, weakness to the elements, The sole exception is that they cannot be blinded.

Long-considered to be a mere curiosity, they have recently begun to perfect matters of espionage and are gathering all the knowledge of the world, for reasons no one outside their homogeneous community can guess. Some younger, weaker Heliothras hire themselves out to the highest bidder. They can infiltrate the most closely guarded of courts and learn the whispered secrets of the powerful.

They are humanoid but have no facial features and only three fingers and a thumb. Though they lack a mouth, they can speak clearly (if slowly.)

Class Abilities

Linguistic Ambiguity
Heliothra are creatures of Light in all senses. They get +1 to hit when using Light Weapons, +1 AC in Light Armor, and plus 10% speed when lightly encumbered. It’s your call if glowing effects accompany these bonuses.

Prismatic Voyager
Can pass unaffected through Prismatic Spheres and Prismatic Walls and are mostly unaffected by Weird Vortex and Prismatic Spray (see Restricted Healing.)

Solar Flare
Duration: 2 rounds/level
1 per day + 1/day/level
The Heliothra can shoot blindingly bright light from either of their hands. Anyone within a 7 meter radius is blinded for duration.

Solar Stealth
Duration: 1 minute/level
Level 1: 2/6 Level 3: 3/6 Level 5: 5/6
When it is light outside, they can hide with incredible skill, disappearing even while being watched: Some natural light must be present for this ability to be used,  In very bright conditions (noon sun), they gain a temporary additional pip. In the form of light, they cannot be seen or heard by mundane means.

Solar Halo
Duration: 2 rounds/level
1 per day + 1/day/level
They can create an immensely bright halo so stunningly illuminating that any nocturnal creature within eyesight must make a moral check or flee.

Super Photosynthesis
Gained at Level 4
Duration: Instantaneous
Once per session, the Heliothra can focus their sun rays upon all surrounding plants, which causes them to permanently increase in size by a factor of 1d4+1. Many Heliothra use this power to escape from a botched job or to style the area around their homes.

Change Self
Gained at Level 6
Can use this power as a MU of the same level.

Light Bender
Gained at Level 8
The Heliothra can bend light to become invisible even in the dark. Acts as Improved Invisibility as a MU of the same level.

Light Refractor
Gained at Level 10
The Heliothra can bend light to become invisible even in the dark and not just for themselves anymore. Acts as Mass Invisibility as a MU of the same level.

Lack of Sensory Organs
They can sense living beings and objects with innate radar. However this isn’t as accurate as vision and hearing. In combat they fight with -4 to hit.

Weakness to Dark
If a Heliothra is a subject to a Darkness spell, they save at -4 and take full possible damage. In regular darkness, the Heliothra cannot use any Class Abilities save for Change Self,  Light Bender, and Improved Light Bender.

Restricted Healing
They are healed only by the spells Light, Continual Light, or Prismatic Spray, which act as Cure Light Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, and Cure Critical Wounds, respectively.

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