What’s in your Monsterarium?

What’s in your Monsterarium?

The Wood is the thickest, oldest, darkest, and dankest forest there is. Deep inside the pallid gloom, past tangled limbs and towering boughs, lives the harmonious Lord of the Forest: the Faun. He has called and collected the creatures and the critters of the Wood together, for he senses that peril and destruction are imminent.

For the Faun knows many secretive things, even that player characters are making their way into the Wood even as you read this, and his adherents shall be prepared.

Monsterarium is a boutique bestiary, populated with fiends and fey alike. These aren’t the kind of the monsters you run into d12 of each time your GM fears you’re bored. From the Al, the demon of childbirth, to the Hair that had a Human, these are beings you may have never before encountered.

It took far longer than we expected (doesn’t it always?) but Nahid Taheri‘s bestiary is out in the wild. Above all, please feel free to hit us up with any feedback, positive or otherwise. And let us know what your favorite monster is!

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