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New OSR Class: The Language Expert

New OSR Class: The Language Expert

The Language Expert

Requirements: Minimum INT of 9 and CHA of 10

Prime Requisite: INT and CHA

Hit Dice: 1d4

Maximum Level: 14

Armor Allowed: Any, but will never wear a full helm and typically prefer light armor.

Weapons Allowed: Any one-handed or ranged weapons.

Languages: In addition to their alignment language and the Common tongue, Language Experts may choose a total of four + their INT Bonus languages and may take one additional language per level.

Language Experts are intellectuals who have dedicated their lives to cataloguing and mastering as many of the languages of the world as possible. As such, they routinely join adventuring groups in search of both rare languages and the treasure to finance their scholarly endeavors. Though not well-suited to a combat role, Language Experts excel in communication and can serve as invaluable members of any adventuring group.


Combat: The Language Expert is not a great combatant but can use most weapons and armor. Because of their conversational nature, Language Experts will never cover their faces and will not wear full helms.

Conlang: Upon reaching level 7, the Language Expert may actually create his or her own language. This process requires 10d6 weeks and 2d4x1000 GP. At the end of this process, the Language Expert may introduce the new language and can teach it to others in 4d4 weeks.

Identify Origin: The Language Expert is fluent enough in the languages that he or she speaks that it is possible for him or her to accurately identify the specific neighborhood/town/region/country from whence the speaker is from. Roll 1d6 and consult the following: 1-2: not sure; 3: knows which country/land/kingdom the speaker is from; 4: knows the specific region (north, south, east, west) that the speaker is from; 5: knows the town/city/village/forest/etc. that the speaker is from; 6: knows the exact origin of the speaker to within a quarter mile.

Know Language: Starting at 1st level, the Language Expert has a chance of knowing any new language that he or she encounters for the first time. The first time the Language Expert encounters a creature speaking a language not in his or her Known Languages, the Language Expert may check to see if he or she can communicate with that creature. Success means that the language will be added to the Language Expert’s list of known languages; failure means that the Language Expert may not try this ability again with the given language. This ability begins at 1:6 and improves as the Language Expert advances in levels.

Reading Magic: Beginning at level 3, the Language Expert can read magical writing with a 2:6 probability. This means that he or she may understand what is written on a scroll, but it does not impart the ability to cast spells from the scroll.

Speak With Animals: Upon reaching 5th level, the Language Expert, as a master of both verbal and non-verbal communication, may communicate with intelligent animals.

Using Magical Items: Beginning at level 6, the Language Expert has gained sufficient knowledge of the arcane texts and esoterica that he or she may cast spells from Magic User scrolls and may use any magic item. At level 8, the Language Expert can accurately identify the properties and function of magical items.

Reaching 9th Level

Once attaining 9th level, the Language Expert may establish a school in an urban setting, typically near an existing college or university of some kind.

Once the school is established, the Language Expert will attract 3d6 first level Language Expert followers who have come to learn from the master. These students are completely loyal to the Language Expert and, as such, will serve without question and never need to check morale.

Language Expert Level Progression:

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