Old School & Cool – Vol 4


Old School & Cool Volume 4 brings your game to the final frontier—DEATH—and beyond! Instead of retiring PCs who have been turned by a wraith or other undead nasty, OS&C4 gives you the option of playing that character as they confront their dark nature. Characters can progress along an undead class tree, gaining dark powers as they steadily lose their humanity. But there’s more. You can bring the undead to life with macabre new spells and sinister magic items intended specifically for undead characters and monsters, or flesh out your mundane skeletons and zombies with exciting new tables! This is a book you can use alongside any other dungeon, hexcrawl, setting, or adventure, so you can pick this up and use it with something else from zinequest as well.

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What will I get?

It’s eerie.

It’s spooky.

It will terrify you to your core.

It’s Old School and Cool, volume 4.

40 pages of skull-crushing old school awesomeness, including:

  • Exciting new rules for playing an undead character who has fallen victim to necromantic magic, been cursed by a vengeful god, or was turned by a vampire, wight, wraith, etc!
  • A complete necropolisa terrifying city of the dead—replete with maps, keyed locations, undead NPCs, adventure hooks, and more that you can drop right into your campaign!
  • Crazy tables for rolling up new undead creatures right at the table!
  • Brand new spells and magic items that can only be used by the dead!
  • A mini-adventure of death!

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