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The Vanilla Adventure


This adventure is intended for a party of 3-8 characters, between levels 1 and 3 and could take anywhere from a single game session to a complete campaign, depending on how you choose to play it.

The maps, stats, and treasure are intended to make the job of the GM as easy as possible and to minimize the amount of prep required for the adventure. This book is suitable for new and experienced GMs alike.

Statistics are presented for OSR rules with race as class—feel free to adjust for other systems. I prefer ascending AC, but provided both ascending and descending in stats.

Want to play some Vanilla OD&D and have a good time? This thing is it.” – Bryce Lynch, Ten Foot Pole

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This module is intended to serve as either a stand-alone adventure session or as the basis for a larger campaign in a generic OSR world. The main idea is to help new or beginning players to get comfortable with an OSR game by providing a setting that is familiar to them and ties to concepts they may already have about fantasy stories. The adventure hooks are intended to help nudge players along without railroading and to build as much context and structure as necessary for the particular group. However, the moral/ethical questions raised in this adventure concerning race, vulnerability, and moral equivalence could provide a suitable framework for advanced players as well.


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